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Live for the Game marketing launch

Live for the Game. New Campaign for N-Pro launches.

This week sees the launch of a new campaign in support of a major Irish
innovation, that aims to reduce the risk of serious head injury in Rugby by
reducing impact force to the heads of players by up to 758 compared to
other rugby headguards on the market.

N-Pro incorporates a unique technology called Defentex™, according to N-
Pro CEO Mark Ganly, “ N-Pro Sports has been designed to reduce the risk
of injury to rugby players by efficiently managing head impact energy. No
other rugby head gear offers this type of protection. Our RAD has been
built upon rigorous scientific data, we continue to observe the performance
of N-Pro and gather live match data from all levels of the game”.
Creative agency Goosebump, developed the campaign called, Live For
The Game. Creative Partner, Mark Nutley said, “This is a passion project.
Not just because | love the game, but as a parent too. | want to see the
game made as safe as possible, while protecting the physical contact
element that makes the game so great. N-Pro does that”. Goosebump’s
Pat Hamill added, “There’s a misconception that it’s just the one-to-one
head clashes that are the issue, head-to-ground contact can be just as
dangerous. N-Pro unique design and technology allows players of all ages
to fully commit to the game, with head protection that in no way hinders
players ability to perform. As we say, it’s about the impact you'll make, not
the impact you take”.

The campaign will run on VOD, Social and Radio.

Production was by Bernard Rogan and Chriona O”Sullivan at The Element,
Photography by Simon Burch, Sound By Avondale, Creative by
Goosebump, Media by David Scott Lennon at PHD, Search and Analytics
by Adhere Digital, PR by Teneo


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Size cm
MC: Medium Child 51cm
LC: Large Child 53cm
S: Small Adult 55cm
M: Medium Adult 57cm
L: Large Adult 59cm

Place a measuring tape around the head at eyebrow level, and measure the circumference of the head.

Choose which size is suitable for you from the table above.

If your head circumference is between sizes, select the larger size.


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